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Discipleship is important at Vertical Church; it’s an important process for every follower of Jesus that provides intimate friendships, an environment of accountability, and most importantly, it cultivates a life rooted deeply in God’s Word.

What is a D-Group?

 A D-Group is a gender specific, closed group of 3-5 followers of Jesus who meet together twice a month for the purpose of accelerated spiritual transformation through diving into God's Word together and intentional spiritual accountability.

What Bible reading plan do you use D-Groups?

All of our D-Groups use the F-260 Reading Plan. For more information on this reading plan, or if you'd like to try it on your own this year, click HERE.

The principles of a healthy D-Group are summed up in the acronym "MARCS," which stands for Missional, Accountable, Reproducible, Communal, & Scriptural.

MISSIONAL - Healthy D-Groups should be working at living out the pattern of Jesus in their homes, workplaces, and communities both generally and specifically. Every follower of Jesus has been entrusted with the same mission of being a disciple as well as making disciples of all nations.

ACCOUNTABLE - Healthy D-Groups foster authentic, honest, accountable relationships for the sake of personal and spiritual growth. But since perfection is not the goal, all of this is done with grace at the center.

REPRODUCIBLE - Healthy D-Groups begin with the end in mind, that at the end of the 12-18 month period that the group meets, group members are equipped to in time lead a D-Group with their friends.

COMMUNAL - Healthy D-Groups are made up of people who are ready to actively engage both spiritually and relationally for the purpose of becoming more like Jesus together.

SCRIPTURAL - Healthy D-Groups have the Bible as their textbook. The same Spirit that spoke to the authors of Scripture speaks to every follower of Jesus to interpret it and apply it. The purpose of a D-Group is to provide the balance of individual and communal interpretation and application. That being said, the primary goal is obedience vs just knowledge.

Interested in more info?

Please talk to your Vertical Community leader or fill out a contact form by clicking HERE.